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Rush City School District Assessment Calendar

Minnesota Department of Education has set forth a new requirement to provide detailed information about the district wide assessments given to our students. If after reading the information you have any questions, please feel free to contact your building principal or superintendent. We are more than happy to visit with you about our assessment calendar.

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The state required test for Minnesota students is the MCA III (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment). The assessment is given one time a year in the spring. The purpose of the test is to gather summative information about school wide performance, measure student achievement improvements over time, and to identify any achievement gaps by demographics.

Rush City 2018-2019 Assessment Calendar


MAP Math- September 12, 13

MAP English- September 17, 18, 19

MAP Make-Ups - September 20-AM, 27

ORF- September 24, 25


MAP - SPED & ADSIS January 8, 9


ASVAB - February 6 & 7 All juniors - 1st half alphabet, 2nd half alphabet (AM only)

Minnesota Student Survey - February 13 in Social Studies Classes

ACT - April 2nd, $58 per student (11th grade optional this year) 1st-6th hours

Accuplacer- April 17 - Morning and Afternoon session

MCA Math 7/8 - April 24-26, Make-up May 1-3

MCA English 7/8/10 - April 26 & 29-May 1, Make-up May 2-3

MCA Math 11- April 30 - Hours 1-3 in Monson, Thill, Bingham’s Class

MCA Science - May 7-8, Make-up May 9-10

MAP Math - May 14-16

MAP English - May 9,10,13

Make-up May 17, 20

ORF - May 21

AP Psych - May 9 - Afternooon

The amount of time spent on the MCA III assessments varies by grade and subject areas.  It is important to note the assessments are not timed and therefore will vary by student.
Science assessments take between 1.75 and 2 hours
Reading assessments take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours 
Math assessments take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours 

Other state required assessments include the ACCESS for students enrolled in  English Language Learning.  The ACCESS is given at all grade levels to students in an ELL program.  Reading and language proficiency are measured by the ACCESS and ranges in time for the student to complete from 45 up to 170 minutes. 

MCA III data as mentioned, is summative data, and used to measure school successes and improvements.  The data comes in the summer and therefore does not provide timely instructional information for our teachers.  It is for this reason Rush City schools also assesses our students with an additional tool called MAP (Measures of Academic Progress).  In grades K and 1 our students participate in the MAP Growth K-2 assessment, in grades 2-5 the MAP Growth 2-5 assessment, and in grade 6 the MAP Growth 6+ assessment in the areas of reading and math.
MAP assessments are not timed, adjust to individual student instructional level, and provide valuable instructional information for our teachers in the Fall and Winter.  We then use the data from the Spring MAP test to assess instructional growth across the span of the academic year.

Fall MAP assessments will be given to students during the month of September.  Spring MAP assessment window will be during the month of May after students have completed the MCA III. 

he ACT is given to students in their junior year.  They are tested on Math, Reading and Writing.  Many of our students use the results to support college and career decisions. Taking the ACT is encouraged for all students, yet is optional. There is a fee for this assessment. 

Once again, we encourage all parents with questions or concerns about the district wide assessments administered in Rush City to contact your principal or superintendent.

Minnesota Student Survey

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) in partnership with the Departments of Health, Human Services and Public Safety will be administering the Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) in 2019. 

Basic information regarding the 2019 MSS:

  • The 2019 MSS will be administered to students in grades 5, 8, 9 and 11.
  • Registration will open in late November 2018.
  • The administration window will be open from January through May 2019. Schools can administer the survey on any date(s) between January and May 2019.
  • The survey will be administered entirely online in 2019.
  • The survey is voluntary and anonymous.

RCSD Curriculum

Curriculum refers to written plans which guide student learning experiences leading to the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  In Rush City Schools, teachers develop, revise, and implement curriculum in content areas according to a six-year curriculum cycle.  All Graduation Standards policies and procedures are contained on board policies  #613 and #621 which are available on the District website.

Rush City High School Course Requirements & Descriptions