Printing FAQ

Instructions for installing printers on chromebooks here:
Student Printer Install Procedure

Q:  Why does it take so long to print a PDF file I sent to the copier from Chrome on my laptop/desktop?

A: Never print a PDF file from any web browser - not from Chrome, not from Microsoft Edge, or any other browser - ever.  The browser isn't a native pdf program and will bloat the file size of the print job. For example a 1MB file may balloon to 20GB at the print server - and will fail as this will take up more memory than the printer has installed.  Even one page jobs will take noticably longer to print from a browser than sending from Foxit Reader. 

The correct way to print a PDF file is to download it first - open it in your downloads folder and open it with Foxit Reader - then print.  

Q: I did as instructed and sent my pdf from Foxit Reader - but it didn't print, or I got an error, or just wingdings printed out, or the page was blank. What do I do?

A. In Foxit Reader - when the Print Dialog box opens - there are three checkboxes at the top of the page -immediately to the right of the Copies box.   Select Print as Image. This will work 100% of the time to fix the above problems. 
print as image