Staff Directory

Rush City District Office Staff   (320) 358-4855

Campbell, William Superintendent
Frost, Laureen Business Manager
Hatz, James Technology Coordinator
Jackson, James  Payroll
Mussetter, Renee    Exec. Administrative Assistant
Rood, Lee Activities/Community Ed Dir.
Sorgert, Nate Accounts Payable/Facilities Mgr

Rush City High School Staff    (320) 358-4795

Stavig, Brent High School Principal
Anderson, Dirk Special Education Teacher
Bingham, Mark Math Teacher
Buboltz, Amber Food Service
Campbell, Bernadette FAC Teacher
Carpenter, Elizabeth  English Teacher
Cook, Wendy Administrative Assistant
Fitch, Ericka Food Service
Fitcher, Ashley  Spanish Teacher
Ffrench, Kara Food Service
Gage, Jessica Student Resource Officer
Guentzel, Maureen ADSIS Reading Teacher
Hatz, James Technology Coordinator
Holmstrom, Jaime Band Teacher
Jordan, Maureeen Paraprofessional
Kirchberg, Carrie Administrative Assistant
Kirchberg, Trista Special Education Teacher
Knudson, Tami Science Teacher
Kuchenbecker, Dan Art Teacher
Lindstrom, Hannah Business Ed Teacher
Matzke Stoltz, Erika Social Studies Teacher
McDonough, Alyssa School Psychologist
Meissner, Deborah School Nurse
Monson, Jim Math Teacher
Monster, Cathy Paraprofessional
Montzka, Ben Vocal Music Teacher
Morgan, Matthew Paraprofessionals
Murphy, Amanda Science Teacher
Nelson, Vanda ADSIS Behavior Coord.
Nicoll, Grant Social Studies Teacher
Oeltjen, Nicholas Phy Ed Teacher
Olson, Eric Ind. Arts/Ag Teacher
Ramstad, Amy Paraprofessional
Ramstad, Michael Custodian
Reichkitzer, Jayme Food Service
Risland, Eric Math and PE Teacher
Risland, Julie Media Paraprofessional
Rosa, Mary Jo Paraprofessional
Schlipp, Arlan Custodian
Scott, Dana English Teacher
Smoley, Tracy Paraprofessional
Stransky, Darcey Paraprofessional
Sundin, Annie Special Education Teacher
Sybrant, Beth Administrative Assistant
Taylor, Brenda Paraprofessional
Telander, Eric Science Teacher
Thielen, Jennifer English Teacher
Thill, Charlotte Math Teacher
Twingstrom, Renita Paraprofessional
Vaughan, Mike Social Studies Teacher
Wagener, Janet Counselor
Wiener, Melissa Administrative Assistant


C.E. Jacobson Elementary Staff   (320) 358-4724

Souhan, Staci C.E. Jacobson Principal
Albright, Jeremy 5th Grade Teacher
Albright, Kelly Speech Therapist
Bakken, Brody 3rd Grade Teacher
Basta, Nick  Paraprofessional
Bauer, Laura Food Service
Bengtson, Trisha Paraprofessional
Bennett, Tami Instructional Coach
Biermaier, Angie Paraprofessional
Bigelow, Rachel Special Ed Teacher
Bradford, Debra LD Special Ed Teacher
Erdman, Kim 4th Grade Teacher
Fealy, Therese ADSIS Behavior
Franklin, Ginny Paraprofessional
Gage, Jessica  Student Resource Officer 
Giller, Brekka 4th Grade Teacher
Goldenstein, Gara Media Specialist
Guentzel, Maureen  ADSIS Reading Teacher 
Gunderson, Kelly Kindergarten Teacher
Gustafson, Amy 2nd Grade Teacher
Halbert, Kim 1st Grade Teacher
Hanson, Ali  Phy-Ed Teacher 
Hanson, Jim  Custodian
Hathaway, Kelly 3rd Grade Teacher
Hatz, James Technology Coordinator
Hedberg, Melanie Paraprofessional
Holmstrom, Jaime Band Teacher
Kadlec, Julie Foster Grandparent  
Karvonen, Sue 6th Grade Teacher
Kendall, Mary Paraprofessional
Kerridge, Deborah School Counselor
Kirby, Paul 4th Grade Teacher
Koehn, Jessica  TSA 
Kruse, Melody Food Service
Kurvers, Mary 6th Grade Teacher
Kurvers, Stephanie Paraprofessional
Lakeberg, Ashley ADSIS Teacher
Lamere, Michelle
Lattimore, Joe 6th Grade Teacher
Lofgren, Stefanie 1st Grade Teacher
McDonough, Alyssa  School Psychologist 
Meissner, Deborah School Nurse
Melin, Karen Paraprofessional
Mohr, Anne Paraprofessional
Moulton, Nancy Administrative Assistant
Munt, Janice Foster Grandparent  
Nelson, Laura 1st Grade Teacher
Neurer, Kerry Custodian
Olsen, Vickie Food Service
Paul, Holly Paraprofessional
Pendergrass, Lorianne Kindergarten Teacher
Peters, Rebecca 5th Grade Teacher
Peterson, Jewell Tiger Care/Paraprofessional
Pillar, Tabitha  Media Paraprofessional
Plante, Bobbie Special Ed Teacher
Raymond, Melissa 3rd Grade Teacher
Sarago, Kim Administrative Assistant
Schmeling, Gigi  Paraprofessional
Schmidt, Wendy Kindergarten Teacher
Schroeder, Marissa 2nd Grade Teacher
Sclavi, Dan Food Service
Spanier, Jennifer Paraprofessional
Stavig, Laura Paraprofessional
Vandekamp, Brooke 2nd Grade Teacher
Waters, Erin Title I Teacher
Welna, Darla  Food Service 
Wilcox, Julie Custodian
Williams, Sue
5th Grade Teacher
Wood, Shannon
Vocal Music Teacher
Zeltinger, Alissa 3rd Grade Teacher

Rush City Early Childhood Staff  (320) 358-3635

Albright, Kelly Speech Therapist
Anderson, Judy Paraprofessional
Bengtson, Trisha  Paraprofessional
Delaney, Kari  Paraprofessional
Johnson, Dawn ECSE Teacher
Kurvers, Stephanie  Paraprofessional 
Sieling, Sara Preschool Teacher
Stepp, Kathleen Paraprofessional
Swanson, Linda Administrative Assistant
Thom, Julie Early Childhood Coordinator

Rush City Bus and Van Drivers (320) 358-3562

Barton, Karen Bus Driver
Ffrench, Kara Bus Driver
Holmberg, Marlen    Van Driver
Holmberg, Sandy Van Paraprofessional
Johnson,Anders Bus Driver
Johnson,Melissa Bus Driver
Kuhn, Lyle Bus Driver
Monster, Marvin Bus Driver
Nelson, Dawn Bus Driver
Prose, Wes Van Driver
Swanson, Carol Bus Driver
Titus, Jeff Bus Driver