Food Services

Lunch/Breakfast Program

School breakfast and lunch will be served each day that school is in session. The school breakfast and lunch programs are offered as a service.  The Rush City Food Service Program has a computerized meal accountability system. This system provides our school district with a more accurate account of meals served and provides families a convenient and protective avenue of breakfast/lunch service. It also eliminates room for thievery and borrowing of lunch tickets.

How does the computerized system work?

Each student is issued a PIN (personal identification number) for the breakfast/lunch program. In the high school, each student is responsible for memorizing his/her own PIN. The PIN will be entered into the computer as the student passes through the breakfast/lunch line. This system may not be used for ala carte items in the High School. Ala carte will remain on a cash basis operation only. Any unauthorized use of another student's PIN will be considered theft.

This system is based on prepayment. Students must have money in their account PRIOR to purchasing a meal. Only one breakfast and one lunch per day will be allowed for each student. Students receiving reduced meal benefits will also need to prepay into their account. Students receiving free meals will automatically be awarded one breakfast/one lunch per day. Students will not be allowed to charge meals. Students receiving free meals are eligible to receive one breakfast and one lunch per day. Application forms for the Free/Reduced meal program are available in the high school office during regular business hours.

How do we pay for breakfast/lunch?

You may pay with cash, check or online through My School Bucks. For ease of use we recommend online payments. If you pay by check, do not include fees for other school activities-the total amount of the check must be deposited in the student's account. NO CHANGE will be given back to the students. Each student will have his or her own individual account. Households with more than one student at the same school building need only issue one check. Please write your child’s name on the check including last name. The breakfast/lunch deposit will be split evenly among your children unless you provide specific instructions on how you want it split. Payments at the high school should be dropped off at the student services window.

It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to ensure that there is a positive balance in the student's account. Students may ask for their balance in the lunch line or at the student services window. Parents may call the office for their child's balance. Students will be notified when their account is getting low on funds. Students that have a negative account balance may be denied breakfast/lunch until the account is paid for or other arrangements have been agreed upon with the Food Service Director.


       Lunch Menu

2018-19 Application for Educational Benefits 

RCHS Prices

Payments for meals should be turned in to the high school office.

Regular: $ .90
Reduced: Free
Adult Breakfast: $2.25

Regular: $2.80
Reduced: Free
Milk: $.50
Adult Lunch: $4.00

How do we get a refund? 

If you move from the school district during the school year, refunds from student meal accounts will be mailed. All funds remaining at year-end will be held over the summer and follow the student to the next grade unless a refund is requested.